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Mastery Collection - Woven Brown

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The Mastery Collection - Woven Brown is 9.2 mm wide and the closure is made of 925 Sterling Silver. This bracelet is part of the Mastery Collection: this is handmade, exclusive jewelry, which is made in a unique and very labour-intensive way. The Mastery Collection from Rebel & Rose is a special series of handmade bracelets of 8 braided strands of 2 mm wide. The core of the braid consists of one leather cord. Producing these bracelets is complex and very labour-intensive. An experienced braider can only produce three pieces a day. After braiding, the bands are treated in water, pressed, dried, wetted again, rolled, pressed and then waxed and dried again. In total, the finishing takes another 3 days. Except in the rainy season, then it takes longer, because the leather has to dry outside. However, the result is impressive: a very exclusive bracelet that is very comfortable and flexible to wear.

Product information
Model NameMastery Collection - Woven Brown
Model NumberRR-L0162-S
CollectionBracelets Leather Silver
Product TypeBracelet
General ColorBrown
LockSterling Silver
Stone ColorBrown
Width (mm)9,2mm
Warranty6 months
Mastery Collection - Mastery Collection - Woven Brown