About us

Rebel & Rose, for the free spirits who don’t follow trends but set them

Rebel & Rose stands for ultimate freedom. We push boundaries, every day.

Our jewelry is fashionable, inspiring and above all completely up-to-date. They are the icons of our generation. But of course Rebel & Rose is nothing without the people who wear and combine our jewelry. It is our wearers who reinvent fashion every day. They are the real Rebels & Roses, the trendsetters, the free spirits. We only supply the building blocks. The building blocks of a generation of Free Spirits.

The jewelry from Rebel & Rose is of high quality and almost all handmade. In most cases precious stones are used for the beaded bracelets, sometimes natural stones (think of lava) or a composite if gemstones are too expensive. We thread a high-quality silicone cord through the beads, and the cord is firmly secured in the lock using a special method. The leather bracelets are made by the best leather weavers from Bali and the silver is made by the best silversmiths on that island. Every piece of silver is handmade, even the link bracelets are put together link by link.

Rebel & Rose is a Dutch jewelry brand that is skyrocketing internationally. Rebel & Rose is now present at over 650 jewelers, in more than 15 countries, and more than 320,000 consumers are wearing a piece of jewelry from Rebel & Rose.