About us

Rebel & Rose is an international jewellery brand that has everything it needs to take the world by storm. All the pieces of jewellery are designed with both men and women in mind. They’re bold as well as beautiful. The names of the different collections suggest that we’re not just any ordinary jewellery brand. ‘More balls than most’ and ‘Lionhead’ are definitely not run-of-the-mill names for a bracelet. You see, the last thing Rebel & Rose wants is to be ordinary.

Rebel & Rose appeals to both the wearer’s tough and soft sides. Our bracelets, rings and necklaces are beautiful, stylish and cheerful, but at the same time rebellious and nonconformist. They’re made for people with strong personalities who know what they want. For adventurous people who love fashion, enjoy life and like to venture off the beaten track.

Rebel & Rose jewellery looks stunning worn on its own, but also when teamed up with other (Rebel & Rose) jewellery or watches (mix and match). After all, free spirits follow their own fashion instincts. So we welcome it when wearers of our jewellery think up their own creations. And reinvent fashion every single day. Rebel & Rose gives them the total freedom to let their imagination run wild. We simply provide the building blocks that help men and women to develop their own style. We’re delighted that these ‘building blocks’ have become so popular so quickly. And it’s all thanks to the people who wear our jewellery!

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